Naturvetare och teknologers storband i Uppsala

Play With Us

Everyone who likes to play jazz (or wants to learn to play jazz) may join Tupplurarna. The fact that we don't have an admission test makes it more fun to play but does not hinder us from sounding good. We are a big band with extended instruments, which means we also take in clarinett, flute, euphonium etcetera.

Apart from rehearsing, Tupplurarna plays on many different arrangements, e.g. gasques, balls, wedding parties, opening ceremonies, company parties, sports arrangements. The money we earn goes, among other things, to a summer tour somewhare in Europe. The past years we have been to Holland, Germany, Denmark and Ullared. Apart from this we hold a few parties each year, sometimes with a special theme. Tuplurarna has become an important part of it's memebers spare time and gives a sweet relaxation from double integrals and floating value variables.

Tupplurarna rehearse each thursday in the cellar of Polacksbacken (house 1) at 18.30-21.30. Do you want to join? Or just come to see how we sound? Then it's just to come by or contact our chairwoman, Annika.

Phone: 070 - 604 68 94 (Chair Lotta Sjöholm)
Email: info@tupplurarna.se

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